Can’t Sleep? Try Being a Kid Again

Who needs sleeping pills when you have a box of crayons?

According to recent studies, coloring may work better than your normal dose of Advil P.M.!

Scottish illustrator Johanna Basford has created two “adult coloring books,” known as Secret Garden and Enchanted Forest for adults to use for relaxing and nostalgic purposes.

“It’s anti-technology,” Developmental Psychologist Dr. Cooper Lawrence said in a recent interview. “It’s a thing you can do that’s just about you. It’s not about your kids or your job, but just something for you to do to relax.”

Dr. Cooper says that coloring has been shown in various studies to help with sleep and sleep disorders such as minor insomnia and leg restlessness. Studies also show that coloring can help improve the memory of adults with Alzheimer’s.

While someone could go pick up a kid’s coloring book, Dr. Cooper says the adult versions are better because they’re more intricate, and the illustrator has tried to make her coloring books feel as if you’re reminiscing on old games, such as iSpy and Where’s Waldo.

Basford’s coloring books are available on Amazon and they’re also currently on the bestseller’s list.

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