Doctors Know Best



Technology is all around us – in our homes, at our workplace and everywhere in between. From computers to tablets to cell phones, these instruments quickly connect us with others and allow us to pose or review questions and answers concerning our everyday activities.

As technology continues to expand, more and more websites and apps are being developed to cater to specific needs. Focusing specifically on the health industry, it was found that over 100 million symptom searches were conducted last year.

For me, that figure is hardly a surprise — I probably accounted for 100 of those myself. But it is important to remember that when receiving a diagnosis, technology does not take the place of physicians.

According to CNN, a study conducted by the Harvard Medical School reviewed 23 sites including WebMD and DocResponse, finding only one-third listed the correct diagnosis as the first option for patients. Meanwhile the diagnosis accuracy rate for physicians is 85-90 percent. This discrepancy points to the reliability of physicians. Instead of fully trusting these web services, we should use them as an informational tool to gain some background on health issues that would allow us to ask better questions, ultimately helping our physicians in their diagnosis.

So don’t forego those yearly check-ups, and remember – doctors know best!

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