Five Tips for Dealing with Stress at Work

We all have those days. The stressful ones where we’re sure our job is going to be the death of us (even if we spend most of the day comfortable lounging in a desk chair). So how do you push through it with your sanity intact? Try to remember these five tips:

1.       Don’t procrastinate. Easier said than done, right? Putting a project or assignment off until the last minute will cause you nothing but stress. Instead, try to prioritize everything you have going on, and make sure you always overestimate how much time you think it may take you to accomplish something.

2.       Take a deep breath. Or 10. This sounds simple, but focusing on deep breathing has a calming effect. Breathe in, and sigh all of the air out. Science has shown that a dramatic sigh can release tension, and the extra oxygen can help you focus.

3.       Make a list. It’s easy to get overwhelmed when you feel you have a million things to do, and writing it out will help you prioritize. (And it’s always a great feeling when you get to check something off.)

4.       Take a break. When you’re stuck, step away for a second. Go for a quick walk. Eat an ice cream sandwich. Check your Instagram feed. As long as it’s only for a short period of time, focusing on something that isn’t your work can actually help you gain insight.

5.       Ask for help. It’s not a bad thing to admit you don’t know everything. In this Millennial’s world where we Google the answers to our every question, we tend to forget that sometimes the best help is in the office right next to us.

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