Man’s Best Workout Partner

Who needs a FitBit for Christmas when you can have a chubby puppy? A study detailed in a recent New York Times article shows that having an overweight dog often provides incentive for its owners to become more physically active themselves.

Almost any incentive to get moving is a positive one. Now, scientists are learning that having an animal companion can inspire people to start thinking about their own health, as well as the dog’s. Obviously, a dog cannot decide on a balanced diet or (typically) take itself on regular walks. These decisions pet owners have to make, due to the major responsibility of caring for another creature’s life, inspire some to pay more attention to their own health.

According to the study, most dog owners spend almost an hour more per week outdoors and active compared to those without pets. Walking Fido might just lead you to become health-conscious about yourself!

A quick note from me: Rescuing an animal from the pound is a great gesture. However, you should be certain you are capable of properly caring for that animal. Your incentive for getting a pet shouldn’t be to help you get moving – you’ll need that motivation from within. But if you think you and your household are ready for a new furry family member (or two or three), then go adopt today!

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