Maximizing the Museum

It’s no secret among my friends and family that I have a strong passion for travel. I love exploring new cultures, meeting people from every corner of the world, and discovering all that a new place has to offer – from food to music to art.

Around the world, museums offer travelers a gateway into more than just beautiful art; it’s a glimpse into history. This week, a New York Times article discusses the recent challenges faced by museums throughout Europe. As more and more people have the desire and ability to travel abroad, destinations such as the Vatican and the Louvre are faced with the reality of having to accommodate the floods of visitors while preserving the art, beauty and tranquility that attracts travelers in the first place.

This challenge is encouraging museums to discover new and innovative ways to keep their doors open while taking care of the artwork. Years ago, self-guided tours became a big hit. Today, museums are taking new measures such as timed tickets, longer hours and new A/C systems to preserve the art. With all the talk about the decline of the humanities, I’m encouraged not only by the public’s interest, but also the museums’ willingness to adapt to the times.

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