The Never-Ending Project: Writing

I firmly believe that you are never finished learning how to write— there is always room for improvement, refinement and polish. Lately, I’ve been glancing at articles and guides aimed at improving my grasp on the craft, and so far I know this much— when it comes to writing, there is no shortage of Internet advice!

Here are two articles I like:

5 simple ways to improve you writing

This Forbes article sends you back to the basics.   “Read it aloud” and “just write” make this list.  However, the author, Jenna Britton, provides some interesting twists on these traditional strategies.  It’s also good to read a published writer’s take on improvement, no matter how basic their advice may be.

16 ways to improve your writing skills

This article is pulled from the blog of freelance journalist and nonfiction writer Dan Shewan. Compared to the Forbes piece, it’s a much more comprehensive writing guide. However, Shewan’s advice still retains a broad, conceptual focus that doesn’t tell you where to place your words.

Now, what are you waiting for? Get to writing!

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