Paw-fect buddies for cuddling and lounging

It’s easy to feel alone when you’re always on the go. Perhaps that’s why so many have opted for furry friends to cuddle after a long day at work! If you’re considering a fuzzy buddy, it’s important keep your ideal activity level in mind.

High-energy dogs are more likely to become destructive when they don’t have the proper outlets and are therefore often deemed “bad dogs.” To avoid that dilemma, I’ve found five of the laziest (or, the more preferred term, “low energy”) breeds that might be ideal if you’re interested in long days, hanging out on the couch with your wet-nosed friend.

  1. Greyhounds

I know what you’re thinking: “How is a dog that is bred for racing a low-energy dog?” Turns out these quick sprinters would typically rather be hanging out on the couch. A great thing about Greyhounds is that many are available to be adopted after their racing careers, so it would be easy to create an entire clan of these lovable couch potatoes!

  1. Pugs

These piles of dough are fantastic loungers. With their squished faces and wiggly corkscrew tails, these guys are stoked to hang out on the couch after a long day at the office. Be careful not to over exercise your round friend, however. That squished face can make breathing more difficult.

  1. Bulldogs

Another squishy-faced friend means more light walks, but it also means more cuddles! You have to deal with some drool, but this pal with a wiggly butt will be excited to “Netflix and Chill” any night of the week.

  1. Basset Hounds

These flappy skinned love muffins are technically medium energy dogs, but that just means you should probably visit a dog park with them during the weekends. Other than that, these floppy eared comrades are happy to spend their days in bed curled up next to you. The only down fall is that you might accidentally use up all your sick days because it is hard to say goodbye those eyes!

  1. Glen of Imaal Terriers

Technically another medium energy dog, these gentle friends just need a bit more time on walks to burn away the energy. Once the walk is out of the way, this scraggly character is ready to bond in bed with a movie and ice cream.

Though these pups are known for their laid-back behavior, that doesn’t mean other “higher energy” dogs can’t possess the same character. Purebred dogs are cute and more predictable, but that certainly doesn’t mean your perfect match isn’t at your local shelter.


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