This Penny’s Thoughts

Today’s internet-driven world, where any information we want is just a keystroke away, can be daunting. At the same time, modern society has provided us all with a public forum, a chance to be authors. This blog is my effort.

You will soon learn that healthcare is my passion. I have almost two decades of experience in this industry – specializing in Medicare, Medicaid and managed care – and I have done everything from working in the C-suite as a top executive to working in the maternity suite providing direct care.

You will also be able to tell rather quickly that I am from New York. I love to travel, for business and pleasure, and always get plenty of reading done on those long flights and layovers. The Scottish highlands are my favorite place to visit, but I’m nowhere near done exploring.

I plan to share with you things I find interesting day-to-day, from politics to news stories, to horseback riding, to life on Long Island. Thanks for the indulgence.

Comments and cheers are all welcomed.


Penelope Kokkinides is a lifelong New Yorker and health care professional. Here, I plan to share with you the wide-ranging things I find interesting day-to-day. I love to travel, by horseback or jet plane, and hope you will tag along on this journey with me.

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