Preventing Work Burnout

Being stressed at work occasionally is normal. Whether it’s completing a presentation on a deadline or sending an email to your entire organization, these are all different situations that cause our body to tense up. However, where stress changes from “normal” to irregular is when it becomes an everyday occurrence.

This is known as “work burnout” – a situation where our emotional wellbeing and job performance are affected due to daily stress. According to a Gallup survey, full-time American workers work 47 hours/week on average, just over nine hours per weekday. Within these hours, feelings of frustration and pressure can further enable work burnout. So how can we prevent this?

According to Yahoo Health, an Australian study found that work burnout could be curtailed and reversed through exercise. Using three different tests including the Perceived Stress Scale before and after four weeks of a minimum of three 30-minute sessions per week, it was found that those who exercised had less mental distress, emotional exhaustion and perceived stress.

Fitness is an important part of keeping healthy. As it turns out, it’s also an important part of preventing work burnout.

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