Spring Has Sprung! (And So Has Allergy Season)

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To the relief of parents and physicians across the country, flu season seems to be coming to an end.  And just in time, because allergy season is here!

Allergies can be described most basically as the immune system reacting to a substance or substances it doesn’t recognize by making you feel unwell. Wheezing and shortness of breath are two of the most common allergy symptoms.

Some individuals suffer from seasonal allergies, or allergies that are strongly affected by the shifts in pollen and other environmental conditions accompanying seasons changing. Seasonal allergies begin to cause problems for many people in the spring in the form of watery, red or itchy eyes and sneezing. Other common allergies are animal, drug and food allergies, all of which cause the body to negatively react to stimuli exposure.

If you have seasonal allergies that are beginning to bother you as we head into spring, try taking over-the-counter allergy medication prior to spending a lot of time outdoors. Hydrating and eating healthy are also important for helping your body to fight off any sickness or symptoms. No matter who you are, suffering from allergies is no fun. Above all, the best way to better your allergies is to get an understanding of what triggers them and to avoid that trigger when at all possible.

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