Stay Healthy This Holiday Season

January 1 rolls around, and suddenly we all regret the unhealthy habits we picked up over the holidays.

While this time of year is meant to be filled with friends, family, and food (and lots of it), it doesn’t mean that your health has to take the back burner. With these tips from the University of Maryland’s Baltimore Washington Medical Center, you can stay healthy this holiday season:

·         Exercise anywhere and anytime you can – The holidays are the busiest time of the year, which means many of us really start to slack off on our normal exercise regime. Between parties and preparations, it’s important to sneak in exercise whenever you get the chance. It’s not too difficult to fit in a 10 minute mini workout throughout your day!

·         Plan family activities – Take a walk or bike ride together to look at all of the beautiful holiday lights around your neighborhood or town. You could also plan some sports-related activities if you want to heat up the holidays with some friendly competition!

·         Eat something healthy before you arrive at holiday parties – This will keep you from stuffing yourself at the buffet.

·         Choose your favorite foods to indulge on – Since many holiday foods are only enjoyed once a year, it is important that you allow yourself to enjoy them. However, you need to enjoy them in a reasonable amount. Fill your plate (just one!) with a sample of all of your favorite holiday dishes so that you don’t feel deprived. Also, listen to your body when it says it’s full – try your hardest not to go back for seconds!

·         Don’t try to “prepare” for your holiday meal by skipping other meals – If you show up to the party starving, chances are you are going to make poor food choices. Eat small portions throughout the day to avoid binge-eating.

Just think – if you maintain your healthy habits during the holidays, you won’t have to make the dreaded “get healthy” New Year’s resolution that’s become a tradition in most households. You’ll be ahead of the game!

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