Strategic Selfies?

In the age of social media, visual content is an important business tool for digital engagement and marketing. For healthcare, an industry in which numbers and statistics are plentiful, conveying important information in simple, digestible formats is essential.

While nearly all social networks provide some sort of platform for posting pictures, Instagram is the indisputable visual champion. People love photos.

As with traditional messaging and marketing, there are firm rules that should be followed in order to capture attention on Instagram. According to Dan Zarrella, a leading voice in social media research at HubSpot, the best Instagram content plays on a blend of traditional advertising strategy and new rules unique to the digital age.

Here are a few of Zarrella’s findings:

  • Planned color palates work. Users are much more likely to engage with a photo using a coordinated color scheme.
  • Humanizing content helps audiences connect. Photos with faces get 35 percent more Likes.
  • Keep images professional and clean. Filters and oversaturation triggered a significant decrease in Likes.

So, what about you? Do you have an Instagram strategy? And if so, will Zarella’s study cause you to rethink it?

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