Summer Garden Inspiration


There is no better way to bring the beauty of summer to your home than by growing a little garden of your own. Just a bit of effort planting some seeds can result in a lush garden blooming right before your eyes.

But how does one get started on such a gardening venture? Here are some tips for honing your green thumb:

  1. Know the climate of your location. The ability of many plants to grow quickly is often dependent upon the climate. Certain plants are naturally happier in warm, tropical climates with lots of sun, while other plants need shade or thrive in cooler climates. Before you buy a plant or plant seeds, be sure to research what environment the plant needs and how you can best achieve easy growing conditions.
  2. Know how often to water. Plants need different amounts of water, often based off the climates from which they originate. Often, unexperienced gardeners will kill their plants by either overwatering or underwatering. For this reason, be sure to know how much water the plants you choose need, and consider organizing your garden so plants with similar needs are close together.
  3. Know how it grows. Some plants grow so quickly and take up so much space that they kill the plants surrounding it, such as mint and bamboo. Knowing what plants are likely to overtake your garden, and should be grown in a pot or space, is important for a healthy garden.
  4. Pick the best location for your garden. Be sure to think about where the garden will be located. Being aware of how much light a region of your yard gets, or the ability for pesky critters to access the garden is important for planting.

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