Summer is Here

Warm weather. Long, sunny days. Perfectly temperate water. You know what this means: Summer is here, and it’s time to break out the swimsuit.

This year is different, though. With the movement to create acceptance for women to love their bodies, even if they don’t fit into the media prototype, it has opened many doors for what is trendy this season. It’s no longer all about bikinis.

Recently, high-waist garments have become an item of clothing that many women can’t imagine their closets without. Naturally, they are making their statement in swimwear. If you’re nervous about exposing too much, these suits give you the option to keep the “skin” minimal. It also takes away pressure from new moms who are still adjusting to their bodies.

Another alternative to the traditional bikini is the one-piece. That’s right, it’s back and with a vengeance. No longer only for aquatic athletes, older ladies and young girls, the one-pieces of this season are snatching hearts and dropping jaws. When garments with high waists started coming onto the scene, leotards and body suits started sneaking back into our closets with them. Even long sleeved one-pieces are becoming popular.

This summer’s swimwear trends offer relief to many that have anxiety about being in a swimsuit. These alternatives are still fashion forward, but finally offer something for everyone. It looks like this year’s “beach body,” is every body.

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