Must-Have Accessories in Your Closet

Some of the most important, yet overlooked, pieces in a wardrobe are accessories. It always so necessary to accessorize properly to have a well put together look. Not sure which ones to buy? Check out some of my must-have items in my closet:

Statement Necklaces. Probably my favorite on the list—sometimes a fun, chunky necklace is all you need to spruce up a plain outfit. You can pair plain metals with a pattern, or you can get a colorful one to wear with neutrals!

Fashion Belts. A good belt is obviously helpful in many ways, but a good-looking belt can really tie an outfit together. If you’ve got a tucked shirt, get creative and branch out with your belt choices!

Killer Shades. I’m a sucker for a stylish pair of sunglasses. Not only do they keep your eyes healthy and safe, but they also totally make you look put together!

A Good Bag. From leather to suede, finding your perfect purse is such a great feeling. It’s always a good idea to have a variety of sizes and colors in your collection.

Time to go shopping!

Making Fitness Fashionable

Fitness trackers are fantastic ways to get into shape and take charge of your physical fitness. Trackers allow you to monitor your daily number of steps, distance traveled and calories burned. Many also have usability features such as a heart rate monitor, goal-setting capabilities, and the ability to sync your data to social media accounts.

Even though U.S. retailers can’t keep these items on the shelves, studies show there is 30-percent return rate and a 50-percent abandonment rate overall. “Because they’re ugly,” is one of the top reasons people ditch the tracker.

Which brings me to my question—what good is a fitness tracker if you’re too embarrassed to wear it?

Luckily, more and more designer brands are introducing jewelry options that make fitness a bit more fun. Below are a couple of accessories to brighten up your fitness gear:

  1. Fitbit has partnered with the designer Tory Burch on a line of gold and silver metal-hinged bracelets and pendants. Starting at $175, these accessories are sure to give your tracker a more sophisticated look.
  1. For a pricier $450, Withings has also turned the fitness tracker into a well-designed sapphire-glass watch with the Activité. These watches work for men or women.
  1. Lastly, Swarovski has recently come out with their Shine Vio pendant set for the Misfit. For $250, this set includes both a wristband and a necklace pendant. Perfect for whatever the busy day throws your way!