Snow, Snow, Go Away!

Have you ever wished you had the Fairy Godmother skills to simply make something disappear? That’s how I currently feel about snow. I would love to bippity-boppity-boop and not hear from it for the rest of the season. Over the weekend, the city got 26.8 inches of snow – just 0.1 inches shy of reaching the record accumulation!

The issues snowstorm Isaac has cause are wide-ranging, and include public transit delays and the fact that people in Queens haven’t seen the local streets in days. Folks who have a risky time getting to work should take the day off. And if you can’t make it to the nearest store or market for dinner, I recommend ordering take-out. It’s more important than ever during these times to stay safe.

However, the unwelcome white stuff has also been causing some issues around the city more serious than frigid toes and occasional shivering. Five deaths have been reported across the city due to heart attacks induced by shoveling snow. If you have to shovel snow around your home, be very careful and have someone nearby to call for help if needed.

If you’re an active, young adult who still feels invincible against the snow, the city is looking to temporarily hire people to help clear snow from city-owned properties. Perhaps you could even ask if your elderly neighbor needs help – it may save their life.