Zen: Easy as 1, 2, 3, Fore!

Want to improve your golf swing? Perhaps it’s time for a little more “zen.”

Masters champions such as Tiger Woods, Adam Scott and Jordan Spieth haven’t just practiced their golfing techniques on the course. They’ve also practiced on their mats, as yoga has become more popular among athletes in recent years.

Dana Santas, a professional sports yoga trainer has shared with CNN a few positions for golfers to try to help not only their swings but also their back, shoulders and knees. The three she recommends highest are:

  1.  Sphinx – Helps with proper mid-back extension, strengthens shoulder girdle, opens front of shoulders and chest and lengthens low back.
  2. Twisting Chair – Promotes thoracic spine rotation and shoulder girdle function, stabilizes your low back, activates glute muscles, encourages ankle mobility, strengthens adductors (groins), core and legs.
  3. Half child’s pose with internal hip rotation – Stabilizes and lengthens lower back muscles, stretches upper back and shoulders and encourages ankle mobility.