Water Consumption

Each summer, as we deal with increasing temperatures and occasional droughts, water becomes more and more appealing to us. Although many people consume water as a way to remain cool and hydrated, water also aids in removing bacteria from our systems and carrying nutrients to different parts of our bodies.

So maybe that’s why we’ve always been told to consume eight 8-ounce glasses of water a day. But what if there’s no scientific evidence for this claim? Could we drink fewer glasses of water on a daily basis and still have a positive effect on our health?

According to CBS News, an article published in the Harvard Health Letter concluded that 30-50 ounces of fluid per day is ideal, equaling four to six glasses a day. More importantly, the “fluid” consumed is not strictly limited to water. Fruits and vegetables such as lettuce, spinach and watermelon all add to the water intake to keep our bodies healthy.

So, keep in mind that water consumption should be an ongoing activity, not something that happens all at once, and remember that you have options when trying to keep your body replenished and hydrated in an effective manner.