Tips for a Cozy Office Space










When you spend at least eight hours a day in an office, you understand the difficulty of making your work stations feel comfortable. Without any personal touches, offices can feel sterile and dull and lack the personality or you-ness needed to make the space your own. Here are a few things that can make your office feel more like home:

A comfortable chair. A comfortable chair may seem like a small detail, but when you spend all day at your desk it becomes an essential part of your office. An uncomfortable chair can be distracting, and potentially bad for your health. It’s important that you get a work chair that makes you feel physically at ease so you can focus on something besides your back pain.

Have your necessities. When stocking your desk, be sure that you have not only the supplies you need for your work, but also for staying in place all day. Items like lotion, lip balm, tissues, gum, and cough drops are good things to have on hand during your busy day.

Personalize your workspace. Photos of friends, family, and pets can make your space feel more like your own, while fun posters or table decorations can add flare and color to a dull desk.

Good lighting. Having sterile lighting can make it hard to focus on work in the same way that having too little light can. For this reason, bring a lamp that illuminates what you are working on while also providing your desk with a happy, warm glow to work under.

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