Trendy Tools for Getting Social

After reading Dan Zarella’s Instagram study last week, I wanted to learn more about the technical side of online engagement—information feeds, sharing tools, analytics, etc. How do marketers and advertisers maximize shares and likes, and how are they improving tools to reach target audiences?

As it turns out, there’s a lot of experimentation with different strategies and platforms to bolster the reach of today’s online content.

One interesting article I found was written by Alicia Lawrence for PRtini. Lawrence’s article names four emerging tools that could help drive visual content to new audiences and corners of the internet.

Here is a quick look at two of these intriguing tools:

  • Viral Content Buzz— A crowdsourcing tool to generate (kind of) organic social shares. You can either buy points to get your content shared, or earn points by sharing other people’s content. I think this is a great arrangement: Viral Content Buzz feeds off of everyone’s need for an audience, and turns that need into results. You get out what you put in.
  • BuzzSumo Pro— BuzzSumo delves deep into content analysis and promotion. Once you’ve picked a topic of interest, BuzzSumo will comprehensively search for the topic across the internet, compare the topic to other content in its relevant industry, and break down shares of the topic by network and content type. You can also analyze social and content success through a side-by-side domain comparison report.

In healthcare, providers are turning more and more to social media to learn about and bolster their reputations. Do these innovative tools have a future in that world? Only time will tell.

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