Tricks for a pristine spring pad

Spring is finally here! The much missed warm weather and sunshine is pushing away the cold, gloomy winter. However, as you are pulling open curtains, drapes and/or blinds to embrace the beauty, you might notice that being holed up all winter has taken its toll on your home.

Fear not, excited springling! Cleaning up after winter’s mess will actually make you healthier and happier. Removing the dust and bacteria from your dwelling will ease your reaction to the seasonal allergies that might make you less excited about spring. Here are a list of some spring cleaning “musts” to brighten your abode:


o   Dust everything! Lightbulbs, lamps, vent covers, fans, shelves, etc.

o   Dust is full of dead mites, skin cells and dirt. It’s time to free yourself from your winter collection!

Clean the structure.

o   This means walls, baseboards, windows, window sills, doors, switch plates, knobs, etc.

o   These areas are touched often and rarely cleaned. Who knows what is spreading around your house.

o   Walls, baseboards, doors, window sills, knobs and switch plates can all be cleaned with a mild soap and water.


o   Vacuum anywhere you can get a vacuum. Mattresses, carpets, couches, the inside of drawers, drapes and everything else I am missing!

o   This helps remove set-in dust that isn’t seen with the naked eye. Don’t forget to regularly clean your vacuum so it’s preforming correctly.


o   Cleaning appliances is a pain, but it’s also a pain to open your fridge or microwave only to find a mutant creature growing in the same place you put food.

o   The fridge, microwave, oven, coffee maker, toaster/toaster oven, dishwasher, washing machine and all the other much used, much forgotten about appliances.

o   When cleaning the fridge, club soda and table salt does wonders without the harsh residue of chemical cleaners.

Change the air filter(s).

o   It is recommended that an air filter is changed about every two months, but almost monthly during winter when the heat is being run more often. Window-unit air filters can often be cleaned and put back in, but that isn’t recommended for centralized systems.

o   This could be a contributing factor if you are sensitive to allergies.

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