Hamilton_pocketwatchWhat do you do when trying to lose weight? Probably the same thing most people try – eat less, drink more water and increase physical activity. The hardest part is continuing this routine on a daily basis. The smell of a filet mignon, cravings of Coca-Cola and general laziness all create barriers that alter our weight-loss plans.

But what if we could be successful with weight loss by using something we all have? Time. According to CNN, studies have been conducted to show that fasting and eating a majority of our daily caloric intake early in the day can lead to weight loss. Although conducted mainly with mice, the study shows great evidence in how the timing of caloric intake can predict metabolic health and chronic disease prevention.

Here’s three ways to use the power of time:

1. Cut out midnight snacks – a large cohort study on women showed those who went more hours at night without eating have better control of their blood sugar levels.

2. Eat the bulk of calories in the first part of the day – a study in Spain found that adults who ate their largest meal of the day before 3 PM lost more weight over a 20-week period than those who ate their largest meal after 3 PM.

3. Skip a meal, maybe – although breakfast is claimed to be the most important meal of the day, a study of college students found those who skipped a meal (breakfast or lunch) did not consume more later in the day compared with students who did not skip a meal.

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