Forever 21? Maybe Never 21

Stores like Forever 21 and H&M often seem to monopolize the general clothing market. With consumers buying more and more of their products, it has influenced other higher-priced clothing makers to start bringing down the quality.

Quality clothes with an affordable price is what we are all looking for. It’s time to stop having to throw away lightly worn items at a quicker pace.

A couple of stores worth considering are Misguided, Uniqlo and Modcloth.

Misguided offers clothing at an affordable price and style that will keep you coming back. The clothes are trendy and many can fit into your work/life balance! It is saucy and sassy, with touch of classy. An added benefit is that petite, plus and tall sizes are offered!

Uniqlo is an NYC gem! This fashion-forward retailer has everything you need. Work or play, you will make everyone envious and still keep your check book balanced. No more deciding between rent and fashion.

Modcloth is what you need to add some fun to your wardrobe! The blouses and skirts are worth pining after. Fun prints and pleats, this is what you have been missing. With these clothing items, you will be able to bring cheer to everyone one around you.

What to do with an overweight pet

Whether you’re the owner of a cat, a dog, or some other lovable critter, it is often easy to say “I love you,” with food. However, if you own an overweight pet, the first thing to correct may be your behavior. How you think you are showing affection can actually be destructive to your best friend.

Once you have learned to say “I love you” in an alternate way (with playful physical activity, for example), remove the automatic feeder. Do not allow your pet to free-eat. Some animals are able to express self-control, but others often are not.

Next, talk with your vet about your pet’s ideal weight and how much it should consume. This varies from pet-to-pet and diet-to-diet. If your pet eats a wet and dry diet, it is best to consult with your veterinarian about how much of each your pet should be getting daily. It is also helpful to get your pet on a feeding schedule. This can help with metabolism, digestion and consumption rate.

And, when it comes to food, don’t let the “guilt” get to you. Humans allow guilt to linger, but other animals do not. If you can’t let go of the guilt, try thinking of it in a different way. You aren’t taking away food from your pet – you are providing him or her with a better life!

Taking these steps may not show immediate improvements, but the benefits will eventually shine through. It can sometimes take longer than a year, but your pet’s wellbeing is worth the dedication.