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Aromatherapy 101

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Aromatherapy is an age-old treatment that helps sooth the body and mind and can be incorporated into your daily life in a variety of ways.

Here’s a few ways to add these relaxing scents to your day:

  1. Candles. Most people like the smell of candles, but don’t realize the level of relaxation they provide. Freshly scented candles are a great way to add zen to your workspace or your home.
  2. Oils. With so many ways to use essential oils, they’re a great way for someone to learn more about aromatherapy! Water them down with coconut oil, and some cam be applied to the skin like perfume. Added to steam, they can bring an extra level of relaxation. The uses are endless, and the little bottles are highly concentrated and long lasting.
  3. Massage. If you enjoy getting a massage now and then to relax, look for an aromatherapy massage the next time you go. It’s all the usual rejuvenation of a massage with the bonus of scents for further relaxation.
  4. Diffuser. Diffusers are easy to use, and a great way to bring pure, essential oil aromatherapy to your home. Just add water to your diffuser, a few drops of your favorite oils, and turn it on! The diffused aromatherapy oils will soon make you and your house feel peaceful. Try lavender oil if you want to relax and peppermint oil if you’re looking for a boost!
  5. Jewelry. For those who like the idea of using essential oils, but aren’t sure you want to apply it to your skin, aromatherapy jewelry is the perfect solution. Jewelry of all shapes, colors, and sizes is made to hold the scent of essential oils, allowing you to enjoy your aromatherapy in style.

Ways to Give Back

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As busy as we all might be, it’s important to slow down and reflect on all we have to be grateful for. Giving back in ways big and small is a great way to get involved in your community and improve the lives of those around you.

Here are a few fun ways to create positive change in your community:

  1. Feed the hungry. In every town or city, regardless of where you live, there are people struggling with food insecurity. Volunteer at your local soup kitchen or food bank or organize a food drive to help provide meals for those in need.
  2. Plant a garden. To provide more locally-grown vegetables and fruits, as well as to assist in neighborhood beautification, many people are starting community gardens in their neighborhoods. Try out your green thumb and make some flower beds for people around you to enjoy. You can even invite friends to join in the fun.
  3. Tutor a student. For those who like to work one-on-one with others, tutoring a student in a subject you excel at is a great way to advance someone’s education. Remember: knowledge is a gift!
  4. Join a philanthropic organization. There are so many incredible philanthropic organizations and groups focused on every topic from building houses for the homeless, to helping women in times of need or crisis. Pick a topic you are passionate about and see what opportunities there are to join in with like-minded individuals to enact positive change.
  5. Fill a need. If you have noticed a need within your neighborhood or community that you don’t see being met, take initiative and start a committee or volunteer group to take on the problem. Philanthropic work is often most effective when it is creative.

I’d love to hear about how you choose to get involved in your community!