Halloween Safety for Pets

While you’re enjoying all the tricks and treats this Halloween, remember it’s not all fun and games for others. Each Halloween, there are dangers our beloved pets might face. Here are 5 tips and tricks I use to keep my pets safe:

Trick or treat candy is delicious, but not for your animals. Halloween is the perfect time to give into your sweet tooth cravings. During all of the celebrating, remember to keep any and all candies and treats up and out of your animal’s reach. All forms of chocolate, especially baking and dark chocolate, can be dangerous and even lethal to dogs.

Keep your pets inside. Sometimes, the “tricks” of Halloween can be targeted towards your animal. On Halloween, keep your animals inside and away from potential pranksters.

Decorative pieces should be kept away from your animals. The ingestion of small amounts of corn and pumpkin is safe for animals, but the ingestion of them when uncooked can lead to severe problems. Keep your house festive but keep it safe for all by keeping potentially harmful decorations away from your pets reach.

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