“What do you get when you guzzle down sweets?”

What could be bad news for your sweet tooth is good news for your health.

It looks like the candy man himself may finally be taking advice from the oompa loompa’s themselves, as candy maker Mars — of Twix, M&M’s and Snickers fame — said last week it supports government recommendations to limit sugar intake and label sweets with the amount of added sugar they contain.

According to this CNN article, Mars isn’t the only confectioner to back down on the sugar. Nestle was the first major candy company to announce their plans to remove all artificial color and flavors from its chocolates, earlier this year. Kraft Foods, the maker of everyone’s favorite macaroni and cheese, has said it’s removing all artificial elements as well.

Likewise, popular chains like Panera Bread Company and Chipotle have begun changing their menus in order to offer customers healthier options.

Mars said it endorses recommendations by global health authorities to limit the amount of sugar consumers eat to no more than 10 percent of their daily calorie intake. The company has also taken the initiative to put the words “added sugar” on product packages that have added sugars and syrups, which are often used to make foods sweeter and give them a longer shelf-life.