Get Better Sleep

We all do it. After a long week of minimal sleep, we tell ourselves that we will “catch up” on our rest over the weekend and all will be back to normal. The extra hours of sleep on Saturday morning will surely recharge your exhausted body, right?


According to Women’s Health, this may actually do more harm than good. Clinical psychologist Janet Kennedy, Ph.D., says that sleeping extra to compensate for lost hours confuses your body’s natural clock. As a result, you may end up feeling even more fatigued, stressed, and worst of all – cranky!

When your sleep schedule gets out of whack, naps and caffeine become go-to fixes to make it through your long days, which confuses your body even more once bedtime rolls around.

Insomnia, anyone?

Yes, juggling a social, work, and personal life is daunting and takes time away from your sleep schedule. But ensuring that you get at least 8 hours of sleep at night will make your hectic life feel much more manageable. These crucial hours of rest not only give you energy to take on the day, but they also keep your body in shape and your cognitive function in better condition!

An extra hour or two of sleep on the weekend isn’t going to hurt you, but try to stay as close to your normal sleeping pattern as you can. You can’t make up for countless hours of missed sleep, and having a “weekend-only” sleep schedule will only throw your body into a never-ending spiral of the “catch up” game.

So, when you’re watching Netflix later tonight, turn off the TV and go get some zzz’s. Your health is more important than catching up on one last episode.

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