Beat Long Workdays and Skin Cancer

It may be time to take that extra trip to the coffee shop! A new study shows that coffee is associated with a reduced risk for skin cancer.

An article in the New York Times shows that research published in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute tracked 447,357 non-Hispanic, cancer-free whites aged 51 – 71 for a 10-year span. Throughout the study, 2,904 cases of melanoma were found.

This is where the coffee was introduced. Those who drank two to four cups of caffeinated coffee per day showed a 20 percent risk reduction of their melanoma traces, where as those who did not drink coffee showed little to know risk reduction.

Although this is a plus for coffee drinkers, this test did not indicate that coffee drinking preferences should be changed. Coffee may reduce melanoma minimally, but the best way to eliminate risks for skin cancer is to spend less time exposed to the sun and ultraviolet light.

And, as with any coffee-related study – if you don’t like this one, watch for a contradicting report to come out tomorrow.

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