Tips for a Healthy Winter

The temperatures are dropping, and the dreaded time of cold and flu season is here. That means it’s time to increase your vitamin intake and catch a few more z’s. Follow these four tips to stay well this season:

  1. Focus on your diet. Start pumping your body full of foods that are rich in vitamin C and E, as they are believed to support a healthy immune system. Incorporating foods like oranges, broccoli, sunflower seeds and green pepper can help strengthen not only your immune system, but your overall health as well.
  2. Catch up on your sleep. Getting less than the recommended 7+ hours of sleep can inhibit your immune system. Catch a few more hours of sleep and you’re sure to start seeing improvements in other parts of your life, such as your mood, productivity and alertness.
  3. Prioritize exercise. Taking time to exercise can stimulate your immune system and positively impact your quality of sleep. By incorporating exercise into your daily life, not only will you be improving your immune system, but you will also experience improved mood and lowered stress levels.
  4. Stay hydrated. Drinking plenty of water benefits every function of the body, which includes keeping your immune system strong to fight off germs. Ginger tea is another great liquid to incorporate into your drink choices, as it is full of anti-inflammatory properties to help ward off and combat colds and the flu.

Exercise Your Mind This November

November is National Alzheimer’s Awareness Month. Here are five ways to keep your mind flexible and engaged!

  1. Get active. Get your heart rate up with some cardiovascular exercises that can increase blood flow to the brain and body.
  2. Open a book. Keep your brain working by learning new things, which is said to decrease chances of dementia. Join a book club, take a class at the local community center, research something of interest online.
  3. Fuel your mind. Eating a healthy, balanced diet can help lower the risks of cognitive decline. Diets that are lower in fat, higher in vegetables and incorporate more fish – which has omega-3 fatty acids that are crucial to brain function – will provide many benefits for your mind and body.
  4. Challenge your mind. Activate your mind with activities like putting together a puzzle or card games that will force your mind to think strategically.
  5. Focus on your mental health. Be aware of the stress in your life and learn how you can best manage it.

Keeping Your Dog Healthy

From nutrition to exercise, you’d be surprised to know that dogs require very similar maintenance to humans in order to stay healthy. Looking to get a dog, or just want to make sure your buddy is being taken care? Here are some good tips for ensuring Fido’s health:

  1. Find the proper food. Your pet’s diet is so important. Even if you cannot afford the most expensive dog food on the market, try to check out the ingredients on the bag or do some research online before you buy. Processed foods are not good for anyone, even animals!
  2. Regular check-ups. It’s good to get your dog adjusted to their vet early in life, because they should be spending a good amount of time there! From keeping up-to-date on shots to flea medicine, make sure you’re seeing the pet doctor as often as you should be.
  3. Keep them active. Doing this, in turn, will also keep you active. Soit’s a win-win! Take your pup on walks around the neighborhood, or even throw the ball to them in the backyard if they like to play. This is especially important for high-energy breeds.
  4. Did you know dogs need vitamins and minerals too? Salmon oil does wonders for their fur and skin quality. You can also give them probiotics and antioxidants to help fight off sickness and stomach issues!

Being a responsible pet owner is important, and I hope you can use some of these tips to keep your dog happy and healthy for life!

Must-Have Accessories in Your Closet

Some of the most important, yet overlooked, pieces in a wardrobe are accessories. It always so necessary to accessorize properly to have a well put together look. Not sure which ones to buy? Check out some of my must-have items in my closet:

Statement Necklaces. Probably my favorite on the list—sometimes a fun, chunky necklace is all you need to spruce up a plain outfit. You can pair plain metals with a pattern, or you can get a colorful one to wear with neutrals!

Fashion Belts. A good belt is obviously helpful in many ways, but a good-looking belt can really tie an outfit together. If you’ve got a tucked shirt, get creative and branch out with your belt choices!

Killer Shades. I’m a sucker for a stylish pair of sunglasses. Not only do they keep your eyes healthy and safe, but they also totally make you look put together!

A Good Bag. From leather to suede, finding your perfect purse is such a great feeling. It’s always a good idea to have a variety of sizes and colors in your collection.

Time to go shopping!

Tips to Brighten your Mood

We all have days where we feel a little down. Having a few tricks up your sleeve for putting a positive spin on your day can be a great way to lift your mood. Here’s a few tips for getting out of your funk, and on your way to a better day!

  1. Singing. Studies show that singing can actually improve your overall happiness. Blast some music – and sing along – on your way to work.
  2. Mindfulness. It can be easy to get so busy that you don’t find time for yourself to relax. For a few minutes each day, try adding a little mindfulness training in the form of meditation or yoga to your daily routine. The result will be a more relaxed, quieter mind.
  3. Socializing. Being around friends and family is a great way to boost your mood when you’re feeling down. Humans are social creatures, and even on off days, being around others can bring out the best in you.
  4. Smiling. Studies show that smiling more can brighten your mood by positively altering your brain chemistry. Try flashing a smile next time you’re feeling down.

Summer Garden Inspiration


There is no better way to bring the beauty of summer to your home than by growing a little garden of your own. Just a bit of effort planting some seeds can result in a lush garden blooming right before your eyes.

But how does one get started on such a gardening venture? Here are some tips for honing your green thumb:

  1. Know the climate of your location. The ability of many plants to grow quickly is often dependent upon the climate. Certain plants are naturally happier in warm, tropical climates with lots of sun, while other plants need shade or thrive in cooler climates. Before you buy a plant or plant seeds, be sure to research what environment the plant needs and how you can best achieve easy growing conditions.
  2. Know how often to water. Plants need different amounts of water, often based off the climates from which they originate. Often, unexperienced gardeners will kill their plants by either overwatering or underwatering. For this reason, be sure to know how much water the plants you choose need, and consider organizing your garden so plants with similar needs are close together.
  3. Know how it grows. Some plants grow so quickly and take up so much space that they kill the plants surrounding it, such as mint and bamboo. Knowing what plants are likely to overtake your garden, and should be grown in a pot or space, is important for a healthy garden.
  4. Pick the best location for your garden. Be sure to think about where the garden will be located. Being aware of how much light a region of your yard gets, or the ability for pesky critters to access the garden is important for planting.

A Few Tips for Sleeping Better



Sleep, and enough of it, are essential to your overall health and wellbeing. Here’s a few tips to make your sleep more peaceful and rejuvenating.

  1. Exercise. Being active may seem like a weird suggestion for better sleep, but a run can be the difference between struggling to fall asleep and resting peacefully through the night. You don’t need to run a marathon to get a good night’s rest, try talking a long walk at night or a leisurely jog through your neighborhood.
  2. Regular rest. The best way to become a better sleeper is to make your sleep schedule regular. Getting to bed at a reasonable hour and getting up around the same time each day are good ways to get your sleeping on track.
  3. Avoid screen time. The light that radiates off your laptop, phone, and TV screen is stimulating. Too much time spent looking at these devices prior to bed can make getting to sleep impossible. Try changing your phone settings to switch to a red light after a certain hour, and pick up a book rather than a TV show right before hitting the hay.
  4. Avoid worry overload. When you are trying to go to sleep, the mind has a way of worrying about what needs to get done. Try keeping a pen and notepad by your bed so you can write down thoughts to review the next morning. This will allow you to focus on sleep and ensure that you can tackle your concerns tomorrow.

Keeping Dogs Safe in the Heat

Image result for puppy

With the weather warming up, the danger of dogs overheating is on the rise. For this reason, I think it is important to remind all the dog owners out there of how to best care for your puppy in the heat.

Here are a few tips for making sure your dog stays cool:

  1. Make sure they are hydrated. Be sure your pup has a bowl full of water at all times. Ensuring they are hydrated will keep them happy and healthy while avoiding the negative consequences of dehydration.
  2. Don’t leave your dog in the car. Leaving your dog in the car before an errand may not seem like a big deal when the weather is cooler, but in the summer months, your dog can very easily get overheated. To avoid this, leave your dog at home when you go out.
  3. Keep an eye on them in warm climates. Outside of taking the necessary precautions mentioned above, the best way to ensure that your dog doesn’t overheat is to keep an eye on them when they are exposed to the heat. If your dog stays outside most of the day, this is especially important.
  4. 4. Take them for a swim. If you think your furry friend is getting a little too toasty, take him or her for a swim in a creek or pool nearby. Many dogs really enjoy swimming – and they will cool off in the process!

Tips For A Healthy, Fun Summer


Summer is a great time to get outdoors, spend time with friends and family and take memorable trips. It is also a great time to pick up some new healthy habits to keep you energized and feeling great all summer. Here are a few tips for a better summer and a better you.

  1. 1. Take ten. With the hustle and bustle of everyday life, it’s always a good idea to take a few minutes for yourself. Summer lends itself to relaxing “you time” activities like a quick nap on a hammock or taking your dog for a stroll in the park.
  2. Break out the bike. With months of sunny weather right around the corner there’s even more reason to get outside and exercise. If you aren’t a big runner or walker, break out the bike and take a spin around your neighborhood or a nearby park.
  3. Eat better. If you have been letting your food choices slip a little in the cold weather, then the summer is a great time to catch up with your health. So many fruits are in season during the summer, and lend themselves to delicious, light snacks.
  4. Set a goal. To celebrate the new season, set a goal for yourself to learn something new or do something different. Achieving a goal is a great way to get to know yourself better while accomplishing something you can be proud of.
  5. Take a trip. As a lover of travel, I try to take every opportunity to explore a new place. That’s why this summer, I highly suggest taking a trip with friends or on your own to a spot you’ve never been before.

A Memorable Memorial Day

Image result for memorial day

Memorial Day is just around the corner and plenty of people are gearing up for a kick-off to the summer celebration. Don’t have any good ideas for you and your friends to celebrate? Don’t worry –  I’ve got a few:

  1. Cook and Hook. If your ideal hangout is just a few friends and the outdoors, try finding a good fishing spot with access to a grill. Catching fish and eating well is a great way to enjoy the day.
  2. Picnic Party. If getting outdoors sounds fun, but you aren’t feelings sporty, try finding a local park to have a picnic with some friends. Good food, company, and a little music makes for a great day.
  3. Pool and Fuel. A pool party is a great way to escape the summer heat, exercise and enjoy the day with friends. But with swimming comes the need to snack, so I suggest making some tasty appetizers and a hydrating beverage to go with it.
  4. Get Away. If you are a frequent reader of my blog, then you know how much I love to travel. That’s why my final Memorial Day idea is to take a trip somewhere fun with your friends. It doesn’t need to be far away – just take a drive, and enjoy a new place!