How to Fight Germs

In the healthcare field, we are constantly surrounded by germs and bacteria of patients brought in with illnesses, colds and other sicknesses.

Unfortunately, not every one of us have the time surgeons generally do to “scrub” before administering care. Therefore, we generally turn to the fastest germ killer known to man – hand sanitizer. But is this simple antiseptic causing you more harm than help?

The FDA is investigating this product to see if this product’s healthy guarantees are as safe and effective as advertised. On Friday, the FDA said there are potential hormonal effects and bacterial resistance of ‘active’ ingredients in antiseptics, and they are looking to see if hand sanitizer is even appropriate for use in a healthcare setting.

Since the 70s, healthcare practices have changed greatly. Therefore, our products and their effectiveness must change as well.

The main ingredients in antiseptics are alcohol and iodine. We’re not likely to see a recall of hand sanitizer anytime soon, but the FDA says they will be continuing to see if there is anything else they can add to this product to make it an adequate piece of germ-fighting equipment in the healthcare setting.

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