Interview Tips for Success


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Interviews can be intimidating, no matter who you are. Consider these tips next time you’re prepping for a big interview, and let me know if you have other interview tips for success!

  1. Bring a printed resume. Despite being an incredibly important resource for the interviewer, many interviewees forget or do not think to bring a printed copy of their resume to their interviews. Even if you have already emailed them a copy, be sure to print and bring with you a clean copy of your resume, as this shows the interviewer that you are prepared and capable of anticipating the needs of those around you.
  2. Make eye contact. Maintaining an appropriate amount of eye contact with the person who interviews you is important because it signals that you are present and focused.
  3. Don’t fidget. Toying with your hair or clothes is a nervous tick that many people bring to their interviews. These actions often have the adverse effect of making you look nervous or insecure, and therefore it is important to be aware of what you are doing with your hands.
  4. Be polite.  It seems obvious to say that you should be on your best behavior during an interview, but it is worth reemphasizing. Thank your interviewer, and anyone else you spoke to, for their time, use a professional tone and be sure to dress appropriately for your meetings.
  5. Ask questions. Nothing shows a potential employer that you are interested in them better than having questions ready for your interview. Asking intelligent questions displays your smarts while also showing that you’ve done your research and have genuine interest in the work.

I hope that these tips bring you great success in your job hunting!


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