Selling Old-time Medicine

Last month, I wrote a brief post about flu prevention and vaccination. (Of course, I’ll take this opportunity to encourage you again to get a flu shot— it’s not too late, since flu season won’t peak until next month.)

Today, however, I’m writing about something in the broader realm of winter illnesses.

As you may have gathered, I frequently browse online health news as a means of keeping up with the latest developments and happenings in my industry. Every now and then, I’ll find something really neat outside of the lines of traditional news.

Yesterday, I came across a fascinating photo series capturing vintage cold and flu remedy ads. While some of these remedies were safer and more effective than others, all of the posters are vibrant examples of bygone eras in advertising. The series also made me appreciate modern drug regulation— we’ve come a long way from snake oil and whiskey for flu relief.

One of my favorites in the series is titled “Le Thermogene,” which looks like an early version of IcyHot. Here is the link to the entire gallery—enjoy!

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